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Homeschooling can bring you closer to your children, build incredible memories and learning experiences, and give your children an unfair advantage over their peers as they launch into life.



"I’m new to Homeschooling Olympians, and it’s only because of Homeschooling Olympians that we decided to jump back into homeschooling! We homeschooled previously but because of health issues we took a hiatus. I’ve always wanted to jump back in, but I didn’t feel like I could take care of myself and my health while also homeschooling.

Bekki told me I could and showed me how! She breathed life into me from the first video I watched and continues to breathe life into me during every group coaching call or one on one call we have. It’s also great to have wisdom from other homeschoolers who are also in the trenches and have a similar homeschooling philosophy.

I’ve implemented MANY of Bekki’s recommendations and everyone in our home is thriving (including me!!! I’ve even started to teach myself how to play the ukulele)! I have more downtime than I did before homeschooling, which was never the case when we homeschooled previously. Relationships in our home are improving, and my children are happy.

I’m SO grateful for Bekki and all she does to encourage us homeschoolers and give us priceless feedback and wisdom!

Free Masterclass
Free Masterclass