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Breaking the Chains of Curriculum

One homeschool family at a time!
STOP allowing curriculum and grade levels control your homeschool, peace, and life!

For us, your homeschool success is personal!

Everything you need to homeschool successfully while keeping a smile on your face and the sparkle in your kids’ eyes.

THIS gives your kids an unfair advantage over their peers in life.

Sharing our 25+ years of homeschool success to help you raise champions of life!

We're Craig Bekki

After 25 years of homeschool our 5 sons and mentoring dozens of homeschoolers, we feel like the Farmer's commercial, "we know a few things because we've seen a few things!"

 What we teach is not just theory. This type of teaching works every single time.

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"Partnering with Homeschooling Olympians offers parents the peace of mind to relax, strengthening family bonds, and granting children the freedom to explore their passions and curiosities, crafting an education as unique as they are."

Bekki Sayler

Homeschool Journey Checklist

Discover the roadmap to a successful homeschooling experience, tailored to your child's unique needs and interests. This comprehensive checklist will guide you through three essential stages:

🌱 Foundations: Lay a strong educational groundwork with reading and numeracy skills.

🌈 Flourishing and Fun: Dive deep into topics your child loves, nurturing their curiosity and creativity.

🚀 Launching: Help your child identify passions and craft a future they're passionate about.

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