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Life Coaching for Homeschoolers

Everything you need to help you homeschool your kids with confidence!




Homeschooling Olympians is for you if you DREAM your homeschool life can:

  • Enable you to concentrate on the character and heart of your children
  • Free you from being chained to curriculum and checklists
  • Strengthen your relationships with your kids
  • Help you to embrace the FREEDOM that homeschooling promises
  • Bring your mind peace as you grow in your confidence as you educate your kids
  • Stop you from wasting time and money on things that don't add value

Homeschooling Olympians is a coaching program designed to help parents like you create a homeschool life around the stages of learning that their kids are in today...


Using the same step-by-step process we used to educate and launch our five sons, Olympians will help you achieve things you thought were only possible in your imagination.


We're Craig & Bekki

We’re the parents of five amazing sons who have made it all the way through the homeschool process and still have smiles on our faces!


We wish there was someone to share the beauty of how to homeschool back when we began teaching our kids, someone who could help us see there was a better way to train up our kids than move from one failing curriculum to another, or to share that building strong relationships and character would help the boys succeed faster than graduating from any grade-level


So, we’re here to be that person for you!


We've helped dozens of homeschool families build the life of their dreams - and now it's your turn to build a different life.


What can homeschool look like?

For us, it means we enjoy life together as a family and learn things as we go- TOGETHER.

We've decided to homeschool our kids, so we could be the ones to see the magical LIGHTBULB moments of learning.

We learned to identify which stage of homeschool the kids were in, and then water their curiosity with hands-on projects.

We don’t lose sleep over whether we will mess up our kids futures because we gave them a SOLID foundation. 


I’ve been working through your videos about setting expectations and creating routines. When things blew up this morning, I was about to fight the fires with PURPOSE. 


"My phone conversation with Bekki was like being gifted an overflowing treasure box of encouragement, a listening ear, and insight. I walked away with a much needed smile on my face and in my heart, so very thankful."


After completing a lesson- “I needed this lesson. I struggle to let a school day go when things don’t go as planned.”


How we got here

We weren’t always a successful homeschool family. I didn’t want to homeschool.

But my husband knew me better than I knew myself. He knew I’d love teaching our kids.

It wasn’t easy. I had to wrestle with my classroom style teaching and the reality that we had very busy boys who needed MORE.

It took us YEARS to figure out how to lean into passions and talents and cut the chains of curriculum.

And now our passion is to help others find JOY in homeschool faster than we did!

We Created Homeschooling Olympians, so you can

  • See what your child needs at this moment in homeschool.
  • Get your fear and anxiety under control- you will not mess up your kids!
  • Feel JOY as you watch your life blossom into what you imagined Homeschool could be.
  • Be excited that you not only educate your kids, but ENJOY their company as well!

Not sure JOY is possible?

Check out these REAL Olympians results, and these are just a few of the many!

Homeschooling Olympians is for parents who are

  • Exhausted from the “freedom of homeschool” that’s keeping them chained to the kitchen table all day
  • FRUSTRATED that the home part of homeschooling seems to be in a permanent game of hide-and-seek
  • Defeated by the feeling of always being behind
  • Worried that they will not teach their kids all the things they’ll need to know for life
  • Confused about how to bring the FUN into teaching and learning
  • CONFIDENT they are suppose to homeschool their kids, at least for now
  • Concerned as they watch the joy drain out of their child’s face as they bring out “school work” each day


Homeschooling Olympians is NOT for parents who

  • LOVE exactly what they are doing with their kids each day
  • See that their kids are loving life, excited to learn, and devour every lesson they get their hands on
  • Have SOLID homeschool goals in place and are teaching their kids in the way they learn best
  • Are surrounded by an incredible support team who infuses resources, joy, and learning experiences that enhance their child’s education
  • Are THRIVING with wonderful routines and have enough left after academics to enjoy life with their kids
  • See the ability to continue tailoring their kids’ education for the whole homeschool journey with CONFIDENCE


If that’s you, you are welcome inside Olympians, but you may not need us. And that’s ok!




Olympians is a three-piece program. 

6+ week Video masterclass and printable resources that guide you through the process of breaking the chains of curriculum and embracing the freedom you crave.

1:1 Coaching in our group coaching setting. Coaching let's us customize your help and build a personal strategy with the course as a framework. This is done through HOTSEATS in our community.

Like-Minded Community and GROUP Coaching. This group of homeschoolers is where you’ll connect, encourage and learn from each other. The best part? It’s NOT on Social Media!



As homeschooling parents learn about the various stages, from building strong foundations to fostering flourishing and fun learning experiences, they often discover that this single revelation brings a breath of encouragement, reinforcing their belief in the power of personalized education and growth at their own pace.


It's crucial for homeschooling parents to lasso wild imaginations, fear, and anxieties that can arise when worrying about teaching their children the "correct" things. By breaking free from these concerns, they can fully embrace and enjoy the homeschooling journey, allowing their kids to thrive in the educational path destined for them.


Setting the right goals in homeschooling is paramount, as they serve as guiding stars that help parents and educators navigate the path to providing the best possible education. These goals empower them to tailor their teaching methods and resources to meet the unique needs and aspirations of their children, fostering a rich and effective learning environment.


Without a predictable routine, a homeschool day can easily lose structure and drag on, making it challenging for families to manage time effectively. This lack of structure can also lead to overwhelm as it becomes challenging to balance the demands of education with other aspects of family life.


While providing academic education to children is important, neglecting character training can lead to trouble in the long run. Prioritizing character development is foundational for instilling the values and principles that contribute to long-term success and well-rounded individuals in life.

Secret Sauce

The magic of hands-on learning lies in its ability to transform abstract concepts into tangible experiences, making learning both engaging and memorable. With over 40 hands-on project ideas and clear instructions for how to use them, parents can facilitate immersive learning experiences that not only teach practical skills but also instill essential life lessons like goal-setting and communication.

Reviews from Homeschoolers

🙌 What parents are saying

Let’s look at what's in the 6+ week Masterclass

Module 1: Stages

  • Slowing down for deeper learning
  • Understanding the 3 Stages of Homeschool
  • Identify which stages your kids are in today
  • Connecting with community 

Module 2: Homeschool Emotional Roller Coaster

  • Identify emotional triggers that lead to overwhelm and frustration
  • Managing expectations
  • Empowering resilience and cultivating a growth mindset
  • Why connections are necessary

Module 3: Master Homeschool Goals

  • Why goals are necessary for homeschool PEACE
  • Homeschooling from the Inside out
  • Creating your master Homeschool Goals 

Module 4: Routines and Order

  • Creating a Foundation: The Importance of Routine in Homeschooling
  • Mastering Time Management: Strategies for an Organized Homeschool Day
  • Balancing Flexibility and Structure: Navigating the Homeschool Routine
  • Simplify to Amplify: The Importance of Decluttering 

Module 5: Character & Relationships

  • Strong foundations
  • Communication & the Do OVER
  • Character building is a SLOW process 

Module 6: Secret Sauce- Magical Hands-on Learning

  • Why hands-on projects
  • 40+ Hands on Project Ideas (Printable cards)
  • How to Use the cards
  • Step by Step- How to map out a lesson  

1. Complete Survey

The first step is just taking a step, and when you enroll in Olympians you're taking a crucial first step in your homeschool journey. You will get a customized quote based on your needs!


Next you'll start going through each lesson of every module. There are tons of action steps, trainings, and some homework. No guesswork here. Work at your own pace!

3. Implement & THRIVE

You won't just be learning in Homeschooling Olympians, you'll be implementing. We're all about taking action and getting results. How else are you going to change your homeschooling life?


Exclusive Community

The exclusive Homeschooling Olympian community is reserved for students that are serious about creating their dream homeschool life and breaking chains of curriculum. 

Here you'll have 24/7 access to learn from other students, find additional trainings, and get support when needed.

1:1 HOT SEAT Coaching

You'll not only have access to the community, but also coaching calls with Bekki or our team right inside our community! You'll be able to ask any question that will help you progress faster and create actionable plans to give you traction and CONFIDENCE!

Homeschooling Olympians Life Coaching



5+ Hours of Video Lessons


Conquering the emotional homeschool roller coaster


Master Homeschool goals that break you free from curriculum


Creating routines that bring peace into your homeschooling


Character and relationship first training


40+ hands-on project ideas to bring learning to life


Step by step tutorials


*Exclusive Coaching calls with Craig, Bekki, & Team inside our group community


*Weekly Group calls/ Hot-seat coaching in closed community


*Homeschooling from the Inside Out


*Teaching kids to communicate and problem solve


*Inspiring continuous learning