Homeschool Armor

This gorgeous reminder is ready to grace your homeschool space!

What you'll get: (pdf file)

  • pdf file ready to print in Color
  • pdf file ready to print Black and White
  • Not a  physical product

We recommend having this printed at your local printshop!

Makes great:

  • greeting cards
  • notebook covers
  • wall art
  • refrigerator reminder!

Beautifully designed poster to serve as a reminder of what's important in homeschool.

🔍 Symbolic Interpretation: This poster artfully depicts the various components of the Armor of God, offering insightful parallels to the homeschooling experience:

🌟 Belt: Cultivating a love for learning and establishing a genuine understanding of various subjects becomes the core that holds everything together for our kids, much like the belt holds the armor.

💖 Breastplate: Nurturing strong connections and fostering a loving environment shields children emotionally and spiritually, similar to how righteousness guards the heart.

🩴 Ready Feet: Embracing flexibility and encouraging exploration aligns with the agility and preparedness symbolized by the feet fitted with the gospel of peace.

🛡️ Shield: Instilling confidence shields children from doubts and insecurities, akin to how faith protects from spiritual attacks.

⛑️ Helmet of learning: A love of reading and learning safeguards minds, fostering critical thinking, creativity, and a thirst for knowledge, just like the protection the helmet provides.

🗡️ Sword: Equipping children with tools for critical analysis is akin to arming them with the sword of the spirit—knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

🙏 Prayer and Alertness: Staying attuned to children's needs and continuously adapting the educational approach ensures a nurturing and supportive environment, echoing the Ephesians' emphasis on prayer and alertness.