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Homeschooling Olympians has been an answer to prayer for our homeschool. (I only wish I had something like it when I first started homeschooling.) Learning from Bekki is like going to lunch with your best friend and chatting about all the good and bad of life. Bekki has so much wisdom she imparts, encouraging and challenging each step of the journey. She is the friend that sharpens you in your homeschooling. 


I love Bekki! She is such an encouragement to me. I have been a “friend” of hers for a couple years now and she has helped me stay the course. Her worksheets and helps have been awesome! I call her my Mentor Bekki! Even though we have not met in person I know she cares because that is who she is!


I searched, searched and searched some more for ideas, concepts, thoughts, anything that could guide me, as the decision to homeschool my children is probably one of the most important decisions we as parents have made. Bekki's words and actions are encouraging, enlightening, educative, her sense of passion to help other homeschoolers is very evident and her gentle nature has a calming effect. 


I found Bekki on Pinterest when I literally typed in "What does God want for my homeschool?". I am SO GRATEFUL that I found her and thankful for all the help she's given me. I joined Homeschooling Olympians because I felt like there could be more to our homeschool than just "school at home", which is unfortunately what we had fallen into. So happy to be here!

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